Kings Park Equestrian Club: I've signed up - now what?

Kings Park Equestrian Club: I've signed up - now what?

OK so lets get down to business.  You've heard all of the hype and seen the pretty pictures and it all seems too good to be true?  Well.... it is true! and now it's up to you to come along and take advantage of this amazing facility.

Read on for answers to our most commonly asked questions...

So what do I get for my money? 

Anyone participating in equestrian activities on the property must be a member of the Kings Park Equestrian Club Inc, this is for insurance purposes. 

Non members pay a fee and sign a waiver, this creates a day membership for 1 person and is the least cost effective method of participation.

Bronze, Silver and Gold memberships are all family memberships, so it covers, 2 adults and their children/guardians.

Can I just turn up unannounced? or do I need to wait for an organised event?

The answer to these questions is no and no :)

The centre is open almost every day of the year for training and recreational use, however, you need to book a day pass prior to arrival.  Price is PER HORSE. Non members will pay the full fee of $25 for the day, Bronze $10, Silver $5 and Gold members FREE.

Members are given a discount code on sign up to use at the checkout for their day pass.


When I arrive where do I park?

Access to our main parking area is: straight down the drive and through the right hand gate, from here you can unload your horse, access water, toilets and sign any paperwork.

Do you have yards?

Yes we do, yards are available at $10 per day, it is your responsibility to place manure in designated areas.

What areas can I access?

You can access all equestrian areas (unless booked for a separate event).

Areas include:

Indoor Arena (unless separately booked)

Outdoor Arena with attached round yard

Show jumps

Mountain Trail course

Bush Trails

Can I bring my own coach for a lesson?

Yes you can, your coach will need to register with us and provide proof of insurance, otherwise you book your day pass as normal.  Please note this does not give you exclusive use of the arena, it is a shared space.  

If you would like to book the indoor arena exclusively separate charges will apply.

Need more information?

If you have any more questions please feel free to ask :)

We look forward to seeing you at the Kings Park Equestrian Centre!




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