Why join the Kings Park Equestrian Club?

Why join the Kings Park Equestrian Club?


 Community:  We are committed to creating a fabulous community space so when you invest in the club you are investing in the community!  The stronger the club becomes the stronger the local economy.

Safe Space:  The club is operated on private property, this means we can manage user groups to enjoy the grounds in harmony.  For example You can be sure to enjoy a trail ride with your friends without the unexpected arrival of bikes, 4wd vehicles and the general public etc as is now a seemingly common occurrence on public trails. We are an equestrian club and welcome horses, carriage driving, bushwalking (dogs allowed on leads) but no bikes or 4wd vehicles. The club has a zero tolerance bullying policy and this gives club members peace of mind that they can truly enjoy a safe space when attending the grounds.

Love of the Horse:  We love all things Equestrian!  and are dedicated to creating a space for horses and their owners to thrive!  Offering access to a broad range of professional services all in one place!

Discounts:  Horses are expensive, that is a fact that we all acknowledge, so we have created a tiered system of memberships that is flexible and affordable.  The club not only offers discounts to members for ground levies, but yards, lessons, saddlery, club merchandise, coffee and more!  The 3 levels of membership are designed to cater for different levels of use.

Club Membership Features: 

  • More activities than any other club!
  • All memberships are for families!
  • Memberships are valid from the day you sign up for the full subscription time (so if you join the club on the 1st September for a 1 year subscription your next membership won't be due until the 1st September the following year.)

Inclusive: Our club is supportive of all horse disciplines, the type of events and training days offered is purely driven by the needs of the members.  If you would like to include a certain type of activity we cut through the red tape and form an informal sub committee working closely with members to make it happen!

Cost: People often think that club memberships are purely to pay the insurance policy - This is absolutely not the case - club memberships are only one of the MANY expenses incurred from administration costs, maintenance, cleaning etc however our biggest expense is the continual investment of infrastructure and equipment.  So...... the more funds the club raises..... the better the facilities..... the more benefit to the club members.

The club grounds are run on private property which means we are responsible for all maintenance and upkeep, preparation and cleanup!  We have no assistance from the council to maintain the grounds as public grounds do.

If you still have more questions regarding our club please feel free to message or phone us and we will be happy to help.

looking forward to seeing you at the Kings Park Equestrian Club

Jack and Mel :)


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