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Gee Gee Collective - Ultimate Brush Kit

Gee Gee Collective - Ultimate Brush Kit

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Ultimate Grooming Kit

Just as the name suggests! This is the ultimate in grooming for your horse! If you want to invest in quality brushes for your grooming routine then this is the one to purchase. 

Our Supreme Body Brush is the initial step in the grooming. It's robust, thick bristles drag dead skin and hair to the surface to reveal a soft and rejuvenated coat. The secret is the dense packed short bristles that provide a large firm surface area. 

Our Scruff Brush is made for the scruffy horse and pony! It's scrubs off dirt and removes dead hair from the unruliest coat. It's bespoke bristles are made of robust and tightly packed to power through the toughest of mud. It's also effective to pull away dead hair from shedding coats. 

The Dusty Brush is made from natural sisal fibres that are known for their flexibility. Used in a sweeping action the Dusty brush efficiently removes any loose debris from the surface. 

The Softie Brush is a unique wool centred brush that reveals the most amazing shine. It's due action bristle work together to remove find hair from the coat, and then smooth and buff the coat to renew shine.  works in three ways, removing fine dust, smoothing the coat, and maintaining the coats natural oils. 

Our ergonomically size Hoof Pick has been designed to give you that extra leverage you need. No more trying to grip onto a skinny little handle! 

Achieve a silky smooth mane and tail with our metal pin Mane and Tail Brush. Made from durable beechwood timber this brush fits neatly in your hand. With a wide circular head it makes brushing a breeze. 

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