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Wool-lined Oilskin Dog Rug

Wool-lined Oilskin Dog Rug

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How does it go? Water off a dog’s back? That can’t be right… Well, this time it is! This Australian oilskin coat will repel rain; it’ll run off, like (you guessed it) water off a duck. How good’s that? And, with the Australian wool, it’ll keep Doggo warm as well!


Didgeridoonas Woollen Dog Coat

Our oilskin and woollen dog coat will repel rain; while the pure wool will keep your dog warm in the comfort of a quality dog coat,  How good’s that? But there’s more: the oilskin is so tough and durable, Your dog will have a hard time damaging it.

The coat is lined with Australian pure wool, which has kept sheep warm for thousands of years. The coat closes with two Velcro straps and comes in a multitude of sizes to suit both small and extra large dogs.


Woollen Dog Coat Features:

  • Australian oilskin repels water, keeping your dog from smelling so wet.
  • Lined with Australian wool to achieve a warm and happy dog.
  • Adjustable Velcro straps and wide range of sizes to fit all kinds of dogs.

How to match your woollen dog coat to your dog:

The back measurement, starting from the base of the neck and along the dogs back to the start of the tail, then you need to measure the chest, be careful you don’t miss the chest area otherwise you might buy the incorrect sized dog coat to suit your pup.

Be careful when washing your woollen dog coat, if you are using general purpose washing detergent, it might cause irritation of the skin, most cases this won’t happen, but we advise to keep an eye on your dog after the dog coat wash and to react accordingly if irritation occurs. Your vet will be able to assist you with any discomfort your dog may have to general purpose washing detergents.

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