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Supalicious Equine Treats

Supa-Blend Gold

Supa-Blend Gold

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Supa-Blend GOLD is our secret daily essential that will have your equine friend glowing from the inside out!

Turmeric, Apple Cider Vinegar, Coconut Oil and Honey combine together to create a blend that is not only beneficial for your equine friend's health but our blend is palatable as well

Our Supa-Blend GOLD also contains Black Pepper to assist activate the bio-availability of the Curcumin

This carefully formulated blend of wonderful, benefitting and natural ingredients makes Supa-Blend GOLD an ideal supplement for your horse, dog or cat

Supa-Blend GOLD may assist with common conditions such as various skin conditions, stomach ulcers, Queensland Itch, arthritis and other inflammatory conditions

Order your Supa-Blend GOLD now to enjoy the health benefits and treat your equine friend with a fresh new glow!

Endorsed by Herbalist and Author, Catherine Bird

Suggested Feeding (Guide Only)

Horses: 30ml daily (450g horse ) in feed, adjust as necessary.

Dogs: 5ml daily (25kgs dog) in feed, adjust as necessary.

Cats: 2ml daily - diluted in water (8kg) in feed, adjust as necessary.

Disclosure: Always consult your Vet if your animal is on any medication or for general advice before using our products.

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