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Equestrian Style

Wool Rug and Hood Set - 6'3

Wool Rug and Hood Set - 6'3

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Quality Wool rug and Hood set Australian Made by Equestrian Style

Rug features:

Well fitting pattern

Leather Chest Strap

Adjustable leg straps with side release buckles

Dees for Hood connection

Double bound 

Hood features:

Well fitting pattern, generous length, large eye and ear holes

Reinforced velcro fastenings under neck with matching trims

Adjustable straps for hood to rug connection, can be removed for washing or storage

Equestrian Style is a Saddlery and Homewares store operating from Tallowood Hill Farm.  Our store is located on the property conveniently near the coffee van and horse arena's next to the main car park.

Purchases can be made in store or online from the Tallowood Hill Farm website.

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